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Must Have Chrome Extensions for Blogging and SEO

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers and SEO

Google Chrome is Most Popular Browser and favorite browser of many people, As it has Many Interesting features and it is fast and secure browser. 

And one of the most Popular features of the Google Chrome is Chrome Extensions. It comes with many extensions that will make your work easier. 

If you are a blogger and you use google chrome for browsing then you are at the right place, in this article, we are going to share 10 Best Chrome Extensions that are very useful in Blogging and SEO. 
So, Let's get started...

Table of Contents

1. What is Chrome Extension?
2. Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging and SEO

What is a Chrome Extension?

If you are a beginner and don't know much about a chrome extension, chrome extensions are small software programs that can be installed into chrome and they customizes the browser functionality. 

They improves the browsing experience with useful add on features. 

In this article, we are going to share the Must have chrome extensions for Bloggers and SEO. 

So why are you waiting, Scroll down and read the full article below:

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO and Blogging

Here is the list of the Best chrome extensions for SEO and Blogging, that will help you in keyword research, SEO audit, Backlinks, and many other things, 

These chrome extensions are amazing and they make things easier and increase productivity. 

There are Many chrome extensions that are best but we have selected some of them, Let's get started with the list:

#1. Keywords Everywhere  

Download : Click Here

Keywords Everywhere is a great tool when it comes to keyword research, 
it helps you to do keyword research directly from google search, youtube and many other popular sites, without manually entering any keyword in the tool. 

It is very useful chrome extension for Bloggers, as it shows search volume , CPC and Competition directly in search results.

It shows the exact data about search volume, keyword competition and CPC  which helps in finding highly searched keywords with low competition. 

Keywords everyewhere extracts data directly from the google keyword planner (GKP), the data it shows is exact from GKP (Google Keyword Planner).

It also shows Keywords data in the google autocomplete (Google Suggest). 

And on the sidebar, you will get a ''related keywords'' and ''People also search'' tab, which shows similar searches related to your keywords. 

You can also save your selected keywords with that star button it shows after the keywords , and after that you can export them in CSV, PDF or Excel File.

It also supports Multiple Websites, Some Popular Sites are:

1. Youtube
2. Amazon
3. Bing
4. Ebay
5. Keywordshitter
7. Google search console etc.

It is a great extension and free tool for keyword research which shows data directly from Google Keywords Planner. You can also download it for Firefox. 

#2. Mozbar

Download : Click Here

Mozbar is a great SEO tool offered by MOZ. It is very useful in finding DA and PA of any website. 

You can directly check DA (Domain Authority) and PA ( Page Authority) of any website while viewing the page and SERP. as shown in this screenshot.

You don't need to manually copy the link and checking with a DA,  PA checker.  It automatically does all that things.

Mozbar gives you instant metrics while viewing any web Page or SERP. (Search engine results page)

It also gives details about the Number of Backlinks of the Page. and you can differentiate links by type: Dofollow, Nofollow, Internal links and external links, and from where they are coming from. and you can also highlight the links by type.

MozBar Also shows the spam score of the web page you are viewing. 

The Mozbar makes it very easy to find Backlinks and check DA of any web page and SERPs.

You can also export all your SERP details and links data to excel or CSV file. 

#3. CheckMyLinks

Download : Click Here

CheckmyLinks as the name suggests, is a great tool to find broken links on any web page.

It is very useful for bloggers as it makes it very easy to find valid and bad or broken links on any web page.

CheckMyLinks is a link checker tool that crawls the web page and looks for Bad or Broken links and valid links.

It highlights all the bad or broken links with red color and valid links with green color. So you can easily find them. 

It is very useful tool when it comes to Broken link building (a link building technique). 

You can easily find broken links with CheckMyLinks and you can copy all the bad or broken links with one click. 

#4. Grammarly

Download : Click Here

Does your Blog content have grammar mistakes? then this is the right extension for you. 

Grammarly is a a AI powered writing assistant tool to check grammar and plagiarism instantly. 

Each time a reader notices a grammar or spelling mistake in your blog post, it slows them down. So it is very important to make your blog post error free. 

You can check and Correct your blog post's grammar mistakes  easily with grammarly. 

Grammarly not only checks for grammar, but it is also a great tool to check plagiarized content. 

As a blogger, you might already know that plagiarized content doesn't rank in searh engines. Grammarly easily detects unoriginal texts and automatically cite your sources. to help you make your content plagiarism free. 

You can sign up free on grammarly by clicking here

You can easily correct your grammar mistakes and ensure that your blog post is plagiarism free by checking it with grammarly. 

Grammarly also helps you to improves word choice and style so you can write amazing blog posts easily. 

#5. Whatfont

Download : Click Here

When browsing on the internet and reading some web pages, probably you will like the font they are using in their web page. 

So. how can we identify that what is the font they are using? 

Whatfont is a chrome extension that identifies fonts on web pages, you can easily identify fonts used on web pages by just hovering on them.

you can also identify what services are used for serving the web fonts with Whatfont chrome extension. It supports typekit and google fonts API. 

#6. ScanWP

DownloadClick Here

When browsing on the internet and reading some web pages, probably you will like the Themes and Plugins they are using in their web page. 

So. how can we identify that what Themes and Plugins are they are using? 

ScanWP is chrome extension that makes this easy to do. ScanWP Identifies Themes and Plugins that a web page is using with just one click.  

you just have to install the ScanWP Chrome Extension to detect the themes and plugins that a wordpress site have. It only detects the themes and plugins of  sites that are built with wordpress.

#7. Similarweb

Download : Click Here

Similarweb is a great tool when it comes to find the traffic stats of any website. 

Similarweb is a chrome extension that you can use to identify the traffic stats of any web page. Like how much traffic are they getting from google search and how much traffic from social media.


It also shows the websites similar to that web page that you are searching on similarweb. 

You can get key metrics for any website, with engagement rate, keyword and traffic ranking, Traffic sources etc.

#8. SEO quake

Download : Click Here

SEOquake is a great chrome extension by SEMRUSH for Bloggers and SEO Experts. It is very helpful in SEO. 

SEOquake is a powerful SEO Toolbox that will help you in many seo tasks. 

It provides you key seo metrics for any web page, Such as On page seo and SEO Audit and many others. 

You will be able to do the following tasks with SEO quake:

1.  Get an SEO overview of any web page at glance.

2.  You can discover your SERPs competitor's strengths and weaknesses

3.  Discover any keyword's difficulty level. 

4. Analyze a web page's internal and external links

5. You can get detailed information about your backlinks 

6.  Set parameters of a search query 

7. Run a complete seo audit of a website with Mobile friendliness check. etc. 

You can also export your data in Excel or CSV File. and you can compare urls with seo quake chrome extension. You can install it as it is very helpful in on and off page Seo. 

#9. AMP Validator

Download : Click Here

If you are a  blogger then you have must heard about AMPs. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. When you use AMP in your blog then it makes your site loading speed faster for Mobile devices. 

AMP Validator is a useful Chrome extension offered by Google. It directly validates AMP on any web page with just one click. 

It Checks the current page to see if there is AMP and and runs it with AMP Validator and reports if page passes or fails with green and red color icon.

If there are any warnings or errors it'll list the number below the it's icon and you can see errors and warnings by clicking the extension icon. 

#10. Word Tracker Scout

Download : Click Here

Word Tracker Scout is a great chrome extension for keyword research,  With word tracker scout, you can find high performing keywords in your market.

This tool is very helpful in Finding Long-tail keywords, you can find many long tail keywords with word tracker scout. 

When you are browsing a web page then click on this extension icon and word tracker scout will give you keyword ideas for that particular web page. 

You can also analyze competitor's website for keywords, and access keyword performance metrics at a glance. 

So if you are targeting long tail keywords then this chrome extension will be very useful for you. 

#11. Buzzsumo

Download : Click Here

Buzzsumo is a powerful tool that helps their users to find out most popular topic by content or on a website. 

To provide content that people want to know, you have to know what content is popular. Buzzsumo let's you find most popular content.

And with buzzsumo chrome extension, you can get live social share counts from buzzsumo. 

With the Bzzsumo chrome extension, yo can quickly get Social share counts of the page you are viewing, without opening buzzsumo.  It also provides instant share estimate for spotting popular content. 

You can also check who shared the page on Twitter, and see the most shared content for the current website and analyze top performing content formats

Final Thoughts

So, these are some must have chrome extension for bloggers and seo, tell me in the comments if you found this post useful,

and also comment down the chrome extension that you liked the most. 

So what do you think of this list? Maybe i have missed your favorite one,

 Let me know in the comment section below.

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