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How to add Google Analytics to Blogger (Beginners Guide)

If you are a beginner and new to blogging, and started a new blog and are searching for:

How to Connect Google Analytics with Blogger,

Then you are at the right place.Welcome to Blogging Sketch. In this article we are going to discuss the quick and easy way to connect google Analytics with blogger.

How to add Google Analytics to Blogger

    Table of Contents

     What is Google Analytics?
     How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger
     Part-1: Signing up to Google Analytics
     Part-2: Adding Analytics to Blogger

    How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

    As the Page-view stats you get in blogger are not so detailed, Many bloggers prefer the Google Analytics.

    If you want to increase your blog traffic and are serious about blogging then you must install google analytics to your blog.

    Google Analytics is a great tool offered by google that shows Statistics and Detailed Data about your blog Traffic and from where it is coming from.

    Adding your blog to google analytics is a simple process. Here in this article, we are going to explain this process step by step.

    So let's get Started...

    Before we start the tutorial, If you are new to Blogging, and don't know much about google analytics, let's understand first what is the google analytics.

    What is Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a free and great tool by google which offers real time data about your Blog Traffic and from where it is coming from.

    With the help of google analytics, we can get information about where your traffic is coming from, which browsers they are using, The Network they are using New vs Returning Visitors and a lot more.

    In short, It is a great tool to get information about your visitors and analyze them.

    So why are you waiting, Scroll down and read the full process of adding google analytics code to Blogger Blog.

    How to Add Google Analytics to Blogger

    Adding Google Analytics to your Blogger Blog is Simple Process. we have divided this process in two parts for better understanding, Signing up to analytics and Adding it to Blogger. Follow the Below Steps to Add Analytics Code to your Blog

    Part-1: Signing up to Google Analytics

    1. Sign in to your Google Account with your gmail id and Go to Analytics
    2. Click on the Sign up Button to Sign up To Google Analytics.
    3. Select website under ' what would you like to track' section
    4. Select the Account Name
    5. Under the Property setup, Enter your Website details, Name and Website URL, you can add upto 50 properties per account.
    6. Choose your industry under the Categories list. and Select the Time zone
    7. Click on create button
    8. After Creating the web property, yo will get the Analytics Tracking ID
    9. Copy that Tracking ID to your Clipboard

    add google Analytics to Blogger

    Part-2: Adding Google Analytics to your Blog

    1. Copy the Tracking ID and Go to your Dashboard
    2. Go to Settings tab and click on 'other'
    3. Scroll down and there you will find the 'Analytics web property ID' option
    4. Paste your google analytics Tracking-ID code in the text field
    5. And click on the Save Settings button to save the settings

    add google Analytics to Blogger

    And you are done!, You have connected your Blog with Google Analytics Successfully.

    Now you can get all the details and track your visitors with the google analytics tool.

    Hope you liked this post, If you have any question or suggestions, please leave a comment in the comments section below. and don't forget to share this post with others.

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