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What is domain name? - Explained

Welcome to BloggingSketch, If you are going to start a new blog or a website, then you must heard about Domain name and hosting, and there must be some questions in your mind like:

What is domain name?  or

What is domain name service (DNS)?

What is web hosting?

To start a new website or a blog you have to purchase a domain name and a web hosting. So in this article, we are going to discuss what is domain name and how to choose a perfect domain name for your new website or blog, we'll also discuss about website-hosting and will help you to select best hosting for your new blog. So let's get started.

Domain name is a name of a website

What is Domain Name ?

A domain name is simply a name for your website, or you can call it your website name, like: it helps user to remember the address of a site and access it with ease.

It was very difficult to remember the IP address of every website, so the concept of domain name came. Domain name points to the server IP address using DNS (Domain name server). Domain names have different extensions, like .com .in .xyz etc. 

These extensions are called TLD (Top Level Domain). There are two types of TLDs:

  • Global TLD (gTLD): TLDs like .com .xyz .net .org are gTLD
  • Country Code TLD (ccTLD) : TLDs like .in .tk .ga .uk .us are ccTLD. Where .in represents India and so on.
So now the next question is:

How to choose a perfect domain name for your website or your blog

So now if you want to start a website or a blog, you have noticed that it is very difficult to choose a domain name of your choice. So let's discuss how to choose a good domain name for your website or your blog.

The first step is to choose a keyword for your website or your blog, and make a domain name related to that keyword. For example, if your website is related to Blogging, then you can choose your domain as or etc. you have to choose a perfect keyword for your website and then select a domain name that matches the keyword and purchase it. 

To make your website more SEO friendly, make sure that the domain name you have chosen must include the keyword your website is related to.
Make sure it is easy to type, and easy to remember. Keep it short, don't choose a long and complex domain name. 

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